Prayer For Tuesday Evening - Morning And Evening Prayers For All Days Of The Week

Prayer For Tuesday Evening - Morning And Evening Prayers For All Days Of The Week

Lord, Merciful God, Holy Father, in the daytime do I cry unto Thee with my voice, in my distress I call upon Thee, and at eventime I remember Thy goodness and mercy, which Thou hast wrought for me. And especially do I magnify Thee now, that purely out of fatherly grace and mercy, without any merit or worthiness on my part, Thou hast this day preserved me from all harm and danger and kept me from sudden death. Therefore do I now and at all times render unto Thee praise and thanksgiving, and pray Thee, for the sake of the bitter sufferings of Jesus Christ, to forgive me wherever I have sinned against Thee this day.

Mercifully protect me during the night against my adversary, the devil, and against the fears and terrors of the night. Suffer me to rest without anxieties and worries, and may the eyes of my faith ever behold the lustre of Thy countenance even during the shades of night. For Thou art that shining and true light, which dispels all darkness that surrounds us.

Thou, O Lord, art ever with me. Thou art my rock, and my fortress, my deliverer, my strength, in whom I will trust, my buckler, the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. Lord, my God, at eventime do I lift up my hands unto Thee. Come unto me as the latter rains that make the earth fruitful. Abide with us, for the day is far spent and in the darkness there is none to defend us save Thou alone, our God.

Hasten to uphold us. Defend us this night, lest our souls fall into the sleep of sin and our bodies be overcome with evil. Awake us again in due time, and make us to hear joy and peace, for we love Thy word and Thy testimonies, which are the delight of our souls. May our ears be saved from all messages of sorrow, and all anguish be turned from our souls; for Thou canst prosper all that liveth, and fill my life with Thy blessing; in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

John Habermann